Soul Guided Wealth

Receive your Soul's Map to Exponential Impact & Income

Make Millions Aligned with Soul & In Service to Love 

Receiving $20k in revenue each month can seem overwhelming, I know. Especially when the way it currently looks for you is ANYTHING but easy. 

If you’re being honest, you’re exhausted and it downright SUCKS! 

  • You spend hours & hours everyday hustling to support clients, attract new clients, doing administrative work and posting on social media. Who has time for self-care?!
  • You do a ton of personal growth work, healing and trauma integration, but you’re simply NOT in the flow of abundance or doubling your business income with ease.
  • You’ve tried EVERYTHING, like hiring a VA that just created more work for you, and even buying every business building course you can find, working with a coach, but you still feel really stuck at your current income.

The thing doesn’t have to be this way, sister love.

You can receive $20k-$50k monthly soul-aligned revenue, build a 7-figure business with support AND time for yourself.

You can make a powerful impact and make millions aligned with your soul!

You can also contribute to causes you believe, have money in the bank, travel to sacred sites and explore creative projects too!

This is precisely what I’ve helped over a hundred world-changing women experience already. 

My mission is to mentor 100,000 women to become Millionaires, and I'd like YOU to be one of them!

Build Exponential Wealth in your Soul Business


Your gifts, passion & purpose are essential for global awakening
Imagine what it would be like if you could…
  • Stay clear & focused on the daily steps needed to create your BIG dreams
  • Enjoy a team that supports you
  • Confidently create and fill your group program, retreat or online course
  • Enjoy a consistently growing income that supports you without overwhelm
  • Do your soul purpose work that is designed for you with a soul-centered business coach to finally achieve success with ease


Soul Guided Wealth has supported women, healers, coaches & teachers to:

  • Enjoy her first $15k revenue month making a positive difference in her community
  • Experience her first millions dollar year!
  • Generate six-figure revenue in one year for the first time while working less
  • Triple her income with her soul business 
  • Add $3000 revenue per month to her business doing what she loves
  • Create a thriving healing business that has time and location freedom

With Soul Guided Wealth you can expect to:

  • Design, Promote & Enroll your Signature Course, Workshop or Retreat with Ease
  • Quit Overwhelm for Good by Integrating Focus & Action with Flow & Intuition
  • Create your Soul Purpose Success Schedule to Make Money Now & Build your Soul Purpose Business Legacy for the Future
  • Confidently build a Soul-Centered Community of Clients & Referral Partners
  • Alchemize your Limiting Beliefs of Success & Failure to Activate your Divine Power

Soul Guided Wealth is a Good fit for you if:

You are a talented, intuitive, creative and a leader in your field.  You are highly trained, professional, experienced practitioner building a sustainable and enjoyable business. You are committed to expanding your reach to empower & inspire more clients from a soul-centered place of ease and flow.

You are in the start-up phase in business from $70,000-$120,000 per year

  • Clarify your Scalable Soul Offerings to Create your Million Dollar year
  • Build Community & Attract your Soulmate Clients, collaboration Partners & Business Opportunities
  • Confidently engage Soul-Centered Enrollment Conversations & Receive $20k-$50k per month

Soul Guided Wealth includes:

26 weeks of Healing & Soul Guided Wealth Support
13 – 90 minute One-to-One Coaching & Healing Session by phone
One Soul Business Virtual Intensive (Purchase Price $1,000)
Audio Akashic Clearings & Soul Contract Alchemy (no appointment time)
Unlimited Voice Text & Text Access (M-F between 12-5pm EST)
Unlimited Email Support


Soul Guided Wealth to Embody your Legacy

One payment of $18,888


Please fill out an application for a complimentary Soul Purpose Clarity Session

We will discuss where you are now, where you would like to be and then explore options for how I can support you.

Click here for the application: Soul Purpose Clarity Session

I have a limited number of Soul Purpose Clarity Sessions available.

If this invitation resonates, let’s set up a time for a phone conversation to discuss if the Soul Success Design aligns with what you need and want now.

with love & the power of awakening,
Christel xxo


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