Sales Money Soul Intensive

Strategy & Sales with Soul-Centered Confidence

Transform What’s Holding you Back from Selling your Services with Confidence

Creating Wealth has nothing to do with hustling, trying to fit into a template or adding more to your to do list. It’s about settling into the exquisite daily rhythm of your soul and radically transforming your relationship with SELLING, MONEY & POWER.

A Rich Life guided by your Soul Purpose is an expression of abundance, health, wealth, and great love in all areas of your life.

Not in a Pollyanna spiritual-bypass kind of way but in the REAL & HONEST expression of WHO YOU ARE on a soul level. This isn't your first go-round in a human body and you're ready TO SHOW UP, STEP UP and TAKE COMMAND.

This is NOT a program that will overwhelm you with information, although it will demand a deep dive to reset your sabotage programs and procrastination patterns so you can clear the trauma and take aligned action and enjoy financial sovereignty.

Together we are building a Global Network of 100,000+ women, creatives and empaths supporting, celebrating and challenging each other to become Conscious Millionaires. 

The Soul Work of Sales Money Soul

  • Transform your Limiting Beliefs about Money so you can scale from 6-7 Figures per year with grace and alignment
  • Build the Foundation & Systems to Create Wealth in your Soul Purpose Business
  • Create a Generous Mission-Driven Relationship with Money
  • Connect to your Authentic Desires for Power & Money
  • Embrace your Desire & Integrate your Shadow and Fears
  • Activate your Soul-Centered Abundance Agreements & Sell with Confidence

Embodied Power is your Path to Wealth 

This is for you if: You are a leader, talented, intuitive, and creative in your field making $10,000 or more per month in revenue consistently.

You are committed to creating a conscious relationship with money and power to guide community from a soul-centered place of ease, abundance and flow.

This is *not* for you You are *not* prepared or willing to take responsibility for your relationship with money, power or sales. if this investment of time or money will compromise your well-being or add stress to your financial situation.

Sales Money Soul Includes:

  • 2 - virtual intensive to review your offers and sale process
  • 2 - Personalized One-to-One phone Sensual Wealth Hypnosis Session & Recordings
  • Outline with Recommendations to streamline your process and Exponentially Increase your Income 
  • Voice text & text access to Christel M-F 12-5pm EST

Sales. Money. Soul.

One Payment of $18,888


Please fill out an application for a Free Clarity Call

We will discuss where you are now and where you would like to be, then explore options for how I can support you.

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If this invitation resonates, let’s set up a time for a phone conversation to discuss if the Sacred Art of Wealth aligns with what you need and want now.

with love & the power of awakening,
Christel xxo


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