Christel Arcucci

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Supporting World-Changing Women to Create Millions & Enjoy Financial + Sensual Freedom

Live your Pleasure-Led Legacy without Apology

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Desire Session

Discover why manifesting isn't working for you

Create the Intimacy & Wealth you Desire

Unlock Desire & Access the Creative Power of your Pleasure Body

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Hi there, I'm Christel Arcucci

I am a swearing spiritual teacher, a former people-pleaser turned rebel-truth-teller. I am passionate about supporting world-changing women to receive millions and embody wealthy in order to create the pleasurable life you imagine and embody your legacy, Can I get a F-Yes?!

The lightning path includes spiritual values, shadow integration and pleasure body activation in order to create life & business you imagine.

I am blessed to support thousands of students to awaken the power of the body, mind, and soul purpose since 1991.

The Pleasurable Power of Money

Embody Pleasure & Create Money Aligned with your Legacy

Six - 30 min one-to-one Sensual Hypnosis Recode Sessions by phone + recording

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Soul-Centered Wealth

Embody your Legacy to Create Sexual & Financial Freedom

Create Wealth on Purpose

Soul Designed Implementation & Pleasure-Led Strategy for your 6-7 Figure Business

Embody Soul Purpose

Transform your Relationship with Pleasure, Wealth & Power in order to Create the Rich Life you Imagine

"Christel helped me create a successful series of programs AND I sold my first $9,000 package with her guidance, but also because her support was invaluable during a difficult time in my personal life when I was primary the care-taker for my mother during her final years. I feel incredibly fortunate to have her as a coach and co-visionary."

Vicki Dello Joio
Performer & Storytelling Mentor

"I feel more confident than ever that I can share about my work in such a way that my ideal clients will be drawn to work with me. My dream of creating my own signature healing modality is blossoming before me as a real possibility. "

Sama Morningstar
Womb Awakening and Feminine Embodiment Mentor

"As a result of working with Christel, I left an abusive relationship with a narcissist. I learned how to engage without codependent dynamics. I left an abusive job that was making me sick and now am making 1.5 times more money. I learned how to manage my anxiety, how to like and support myself. I created a non profit organization with a goal to help the community and making positive impact "

Professional Nurse & Founder of Non-profit

"I have honed in on the tribe I am truly called to serve, created a series of programs that I am really proud of- and had my highest income earning month EVER in my life (wow!) Christel has helped me to discover a way to grow my business while creating more ease and balance in my life- as a homeschooling mom, making sure that my business doesn’t “take over” the rest of my important work is essential!"

Anne Belliveau
Healer & Musician

"I redefined my business goals & priorities which reignited my excitement to practice and teach energy medicine. I generate an additional $2600 in 2 weeks!"

Ryan Richards
Medical Intuitive & Spiritual Coach

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